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Esperanza lives in desperate times. She rents a room in a run down apartment in a seedy part of town. This urban cityscape is the backdrop to Esperanza’s existence. Facing hard economic times, she still tries to maintain a sense of purpose. She doesn't ask for much. She goes about her daily life without any excitement. Unemployment, crime and poverty surround her. She tries hard not to think about her situation and goes through life as a ghost. She accepts her reality. Her reality will turn into a nightmare. Destiny awaits. Today, everyone will notice Esperanza. 


"SAVE THE PLANET" Director Festival intro



Addicted (2010)

Addicted is a comedy about dealing with the realities of life, in an unusual way. Frustrated by life's mundane routines, Jose, a white collar worker, has an obsession that takes him down a path of sheer joy, or so he believes. And although the pressures and monotony of his work life and the boredom of his personal life are bearable, he looks forward to escaping every night with his secret passion. Will Jose realize he has a problem or will he just continue with his addiction?

Love Note (2001)

A glimpse of the dark side of humanity. We enter the mind of an ordinary man who has to be extraordinary in the face of society. He has to deal with a lie or living the truth, with mortal consequences.

Bliss (2001)

Diego, the lucky man who is to wed his fiancee, reluctantly walks to his bachelor party.  His best friend Steve greets him and shows him into a room where he sees a beautiful girl performing in front of a roomful of testosterone young men. He connects with the performer and by nights end, he will know the real irony of what bliss means.

The Promise (2001)

Make a deal with the devil and everything goes to hell. Rebellion tries to outsmart his creditor, but soon realizes that the deal he signed is not revocable.

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